Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Makell's Baby Announcement

This is Makell & the announcement that we did for her. It was too cute not to share!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Precious Niece

Makell entered the world last Wednesday morning at 2:52 am.. Her proud parents are Jamie & Tyson. She was a little one, weighing in at 5 lb & 12oz & 19" long. She came home on Saturday after staying in the NICU for a few days because of her sugar levels. She is doing great now & has lots of aunts & uncles always visiting! This is the only picture I have of her. This was Wed afternoon when she was still in the NICU. I will get more pics later.

BYU Game

Last weekend got got tickets to the BYU/UTAH Rivalry game. We had a great weekend. We stayed at the Hilton (Thanks Kenny!) and ate at Spencer's Steakhouse (YUM!) and went to the game. We went with Tim & Laurie Thompson.
Great picture of the awesome sunset overlooking Salt Lake . . .

The HOT BYU Fan sitting beside me...

Our seats we on the 50 YARD Line!! It was an awesome view of the game.
Our Blue stood out in the sea of red. It was a blast!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Decide . . .

So I am working on a Christmas card for my parents company & I came across this picture. . .

Either Munns products stand the test of time OR the church is true! You decide . . .

Here is the link of the actual story & video of what happened last year in Mesa, AZ

Photo Tag!

This is a photo tag and this is what you do:
1. Open up your picture folder
2. Go to the 4th folder
3. Open the 4th picture
4. Post the picture on your blog and write about it.

This picture way back when Gavin & I were getting our wedding photos done & he decided to be the photographer. I have many pictures of him like this... and how I miss the curly hair sometimes. He loves himself! But I love him lots too!!! We had our 3rd anniversary a few weeks ago.... so Happy Late Anniversary Gavin!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here is a picture of us today at work dressed as the political candidates. Hopefully we win the contest... we are up against The Wizard of Oz & the Seventy's Rock! Wish us luck!

We have Mike as Biden, Kevin as Obama, Meredeth as Hillary, Kara as Sarah & Rich as McCain. I will post pics of Gavin & I later tonight of us at the party!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My photo skills

So earlier today there was a fire at the new police station across from my work. We were all taking pics of it with our phones & cameras. Later they asked all of us to submit our pics for the online photo album of the fire. When I was uploading my pictures I took, I found this wonderful picture of Mesa Falls that I took last weekend when I was in Island Park. It turned out so well, so I framed it to make it look like a post card! This was even taken with my phone!


Oh... and here is a pic of how big the fire really was....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Road Trip to Montana

Last weekend was the Munns Family Reunion at Ruby River Reservoir in Montana. We left LATE Wednesday night & drive part way & slept in a rest stop! Then the next morning we made it to Ruby. It is about a 6 hour drive. (Even longer with little brothers :)

Here is a pic from our camp over looking Ruby Reservoir....

On Saturday night we went for a drive to look for animals. Within 15 miles of camp we saw lots of Whitetail Buck Deer...........

Lots of Antelope............
And even more Buffalo.............
Then on the way back to camp we spotted an elk & 2 MOOSE!!!!!!! They were huge!!!!! It was cool. They were just out grazing at dusk in a field. Sorry, no pics because it was pretty dark! Maybe next time! It was a great spotting trip!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mount Nebo Loop

Last week was our Welling Reunion in Mount Pleasant, UT. While we were there we HAD to go scope out DEER around Mt. Nebo. So here are some gorgeous views of the valley. Enjoy!

We had a great time at the reunion, sadly, I FORGOT to take pictures!! Ooops! It was fun though! Grandma Rhoda even joined us & kept us all on our toes! She was great to have there. She enjoyed the cardboard pictures of Anne & Roy so much that she wants to buy them to keep in her house! We will see about that. Rumor is they will make an appearance at the Nicholas Reunion next weekend! :)

Happy Belated Birthday Gavin!

Gavin turned the big 25 on the 1st of July. (I know.. I am way behind!) Happy Birthday Gavin!!!!! We had family & friends over for ice cream. He got a new helmet for our new scooter that was purchased recently to save gas money! He also wants a new set of irons for golfing... we have not gone shopping for those yet.

Roy & Anne even made it!!! ;)

This is what our scooter looks like... but its black instead of blue!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

So I found this really fun idea for the missionary parents while they are away! We can bring them to the reunion & other functions!! Well kinda...... A few weeks ago a fellow in our primary brought his LIFE SIZE cardboard cutout of his brother to class. The kids loved it! He said he takes him hunting, camping, weddings and all sorts of places! So I asked his mom where they got them done at and she said all they did was paste the head onto a celebrity body. So as I was shopping at the party store the other day... and I found them! They are not even expensive! Now, I just need to decide if I really should do it.

This is what they will kind of look like. I will get better pics, but these are the bodies that work the best... George Bush & Hillary Clinton. (I know, not everyones favorite... but its them or Marilyn Monroe & Superman.) I will make little missionary tags for them as well.

So I need your help! Is this a dumb idea? I need outsiders opinions & comments.... feel free to tell me the truth! Will the kids really enjoy it or make them miss them more? I am totally willing to do it. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Freelance Design...

I am officially launching my own freelance graphic design business! Check out the link below to visit my site!

Keep me in mind for ANYTHING that you need designed!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brady & Erika's Wedding Pictures

Brady & Erika's Wedding Pictures are online!! Here is the link if you are interested. It was a very fun & hot day! Congrats BRADY!

Friday, May 16, 2008

We've been transformed into M&M's! Aren't we cute? Ok... I better get back to work!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Last weekend we scored tickets to a JAZZ Playoff Game!! It was so exciting. We went & stayed at the Hilton in Salt Lake (thanks for the hook-up Kenny!) & enjoyed a very intense & exciting playoff game. Jamie & Tyson joined us for the weekend as well. We had decent seats in the upper bowl. It was a very exciting atmosphere. Now the Jazz just better win tonight!!!!!!! Wish them luck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weddings, designing, scrapbooking, hunting, etc....

The last few weeks I have been working on Brady & Erika's wedding invitation. Its been fun! I learned a lot of new tricks! Here is a copy of what they will look like. I will post some of my new favorite design sites here shortly.

Last weekend I went to an overnight crop with my sis-in-laws in Salt Lake. It was tons of of fun! The best part is.... I almost have my wedding album done!! YEAH!! I am only 2+ years behind... but who's counting! I am excited to start into the "digital scrapbooking" era. No more cutting paper for me!!

While I was away last weekend, Gavin & his buddies went to the Mule Deer Foundation Benefit Dinner.. (yes, Michele.. it is a real thing!) He actually had a lot of luck winning prizes. He came home with a camp chair, mug, calendar & a nice gun. He was quite happy! I still have no idea where the money goes.. the mule deer maybe?

So thats the most recent update. We are just keeping busy with work, school, & other
hobbies. We need to get started on yard work & stuff if the weather will ever cooperate! We are so ready for spring & summer! Can't wait!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Cuts & New Wheels

We have had an eventful few weeks... So here is the update....

Gavin & I both cut off our locks of hair for the shorter do's. I actually got really tired of my hair. It was getting such dry ends, so I went crazy one night at midnight and attempted to cut it all off myself! (I looked like one of the psychos in the movies!) I did a "decent" job, but luckily I got a real hair appointment a few days later! It looks much better! I also gave Gavin a short trim. He likes the shorter style now.. even though I secretly miss the curly locks!

In other news..... Gavin made his first truck purchase! We bought a 2005 GMC Sierra Truck. We love it. Its been fun to have more reliable vehicle, especially since we are driving a lot more. We said good-bye to the Lumina & then got my car into a mechanic for a tune-up. Its nice to have our cars running smoothly now.

For Easter weekend we took the truck for a ride to SLC to visit Megan & Michele & families. It was fun to hang out for the weekend! Its been awhile since we saw the family. Thanks for letting us stay!!! This big house feels a little lonely to me without the whole Welling family around. Thats the way I always saw it. Last week we did get the opportunity to have house guests. Ryan & his family stopped in for a quick visit.

Thats about it for us right now..... Gavin has spring antler hunting fever & goes spotting quite often. So between work, school & hunting, he stays pretty busy. I have just been working hard & trying to keep up with our busy lives.

Happy Spring!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Day!

This morning we woke up to more snow! We got about 12 inches & its still coming down! Church was even canceled. (This made the decision between missing a little church for super bowl party slightly easier for Gavin!) So this morning Gavin got out the John Deere tractor & went to work! It took a few hours & we got out & got a few neighbors driveways cleared. Mom & Dad wanted to see some pics so here they are! Here is Gavin below at the Allisons with Ty & Spencer... The tractor might be stuck! ;)

The garage door is having issues, so unfortunatly we are still parking outside sometimes!

We have a lot of drifts and piles of snow. The piles on the sides of the driveways are now over 10 feet high! We also have a LOT of snow on the roof! There is a 3 foot drift across the ridge of the roof! We are about the only ones with that much on the roof! It must be the trees! This is the snowiest winter that we have seen in a long time! Gavin & I barely remember one this bad! Its been fun though!

Later in the day we went to Kara's families house & hung out! The boys wanted to show off some of their backyard snowboarding skills! The top of the hill is just snow off the deck! So here are some of the videos...

Notice the chunk of snow that his head took out off the jump! He was still all smiles after though!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Update on us!

Its back to school for Gavin. He is still going full-time at Utah State. He also got a job promotion and is now working as a manager. I am still working hard at the HJ. I am very happy that the busy season is over!

We finally have snow in Fielding. At least 8-10 inches. Unfortunately it was too late to start an ice rink. Its getting way to warm & we missed the holiday season to enjoy it.

We are almost settled into the home in Fielding. Well we finally got the Christmas tree taken down, boxes unpacked and most our stuff organized in the house. Now we just need to clean up after ourselves & get caught up on Laundry! Yeah!

So thats the update! Nothing new & exciting! Maybe next time! ;)