Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Update

May is here!! Yeah! We are getting excited for our new little arrival. I am currently 36 1/2 weeks along... due on May 26th. So the countdown is coming to an end. My pregnancy has been going really well! I cannot complain. I am just starting to 'feel' pregnant. Other than some occasional swollen feet, few aches & pains, I have been in good health. I am not very big yet... I have only gained about 15 pounds so far :) {Which I could have easily done over the holidays if I wasn't pregnant} The doctor believes we will go right up to my due date because there is not a reason to come early.

Names you may ask??? Well... that is a problem. {Gavin is still holding out hope for a little boy... so NO girl's names sound good to him} We are working on it & hopefully she has one before she comes home from the hospital. It might take a few days to fight that one out! :)

We have almost got the nursery ready... We have also had 2 baby showers & were very blessed with great friends & family who filled this little gals closet with lots of clothes & needed items. Here are some fun pics of the much appreciated items!

Yes... all those bins are FULL of fun, girly stuff :)

These quilts were crafted with much love from Grandma Welling & Aunt Jamie... I did buy matching material for the green & pink crib quilt to make a bed skirt, window valance & crib bumpers... so hopefully I can find time to get those done!!! It will all look so cute!!!

This is the crocheted blessing dress from Great-Grandma Winkler... I love it! {One of the exciting things about having a girl... I love grandma's dresses!}

This little woman will be very well dressed!!! Summer clothes are so super cute & everyone else must have thought so too, because her closet is full! Oh... and she will have LOTS of cute hair accessories! {Hopefully the occasional heartburn I am having = lots of hair like I had}

Lots of nicely crocheted receiving blankets...

The super-cute diaper cake!! It has lots of fun stuff tucked into it! I am also really excited to use my new 3-in-1 Swing, Bouncer & Toddler Rocker. {The rocker is only put together so far.} I love, love the idea of having 1 item be used for all & last a lot longer than just a swing!

So I think we are a lot closer to being ready for our little one! I hope work slows down a little for me when she arrives. I have been super-busy doing wedding invitations lately. But I am very blessed that I have been able to work from home the last year. I really do enjoy working for myself and hopefully it can continue a lot longer while I am raising some little ones!