Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas

So... it has officially been a year since I posted on this blog! {I even still have the same holiday theme since last year... yikes!} I thought I would be the best 'lil mommy & keep a daily log of our little family's comings & goings. Well, I failed! Oh-well! {I was spending more time with my family, right!?}

I can tell you that the last year has been SUPER BUSY! Gavin is busy working at Munns Mfg. in sales. He enjoys golfing, bowling, hunting, gaming & a variety of things that keep him busy! He seems to always have something going... whether it is smoking meat or watching the big game with some friends or family, he manages to keep himself busy. I have been trying to juggle being a mom, wife, business owner, designer, secretary & a housekeeper. My life is a little crazy & is keeping me frazzled! But I love it! We have been extremely blessed to have a home business that is working out well. I love it! Which brings me to our little daddy's girl, Kylee. She keeps me the busiest! She is a very active and curious 19 month old with a punch of attitude! She jabbers and tells stories all day long! I gave up on keeping track of all the words she now says because she says 2-3 new words everyday! She is into and on top of everything and loves to make a mess where ever she goes! Oh, she is a joy! I love how I can be working on everything all day long and the house looks worse by the end of the day and my inbox is fuller than it was in the morning and dinner doesn't even get made. Oh, such is life! :)

We wish you all a Merry Christmas! {I hope we still have some followers & they haven't given up on us!}

Until next year...