Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Gavin's Graduating!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exciting News....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

July Travels

In July, we had reunions, parties or places to go every weekend. It was a blast. We had the 4th of July with the Welling Family, then we went with them to the Wight reunion at Beaver Mountain. The next weekend we went to Bear Lake for the Munns reunion. From there, 23 of us Munns' went on a road trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota. It was so much fun! I then headed to San Diego to meet up with Gavin & his family for his cousins wedding. I am still collecting pictures from everyone (I am bad at taking my OWN photos.) But here is what I have so far.
We stopped at Martin's Cove & Independence Rock on the way through Wyoming. Some of us even hiked to the top of it.... including Makell!
Casey (our personal photographer)
Makell & I at Mt. Rushmore.The new face of Mt Rushmore...
Mom, Jamie, Makell & I
Mt Rushmore at night. We stayed for the lighting ceremony at night. It was a neat & historical experience.
Crazy Horse Monument in the Black Hills. They have been working over 50 years on this monument. In about 50 more, it will be completed to look like the statue. We went back at night for the laser show on the mountain. It was neat. You can read more about it HERE.

I just noticed Anne & Roy posted their pictures of everything else we have been doing this summer on their blog.... Now I can just link you there!


This summer flew by! We moved back into the condo with new carpet & paint. I love it... especially my new office! :) Gavin is done with school!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! Congrats Gavin! He has to wait until December to walk in Graduation, so it is almost official. It is so nice to have school done for both of us. Maybe we can start a new chapter soon!

In June I went to Boston with my mom & sister to visit Amanda... Here are a few of the fun pics! We made it to a Boston Red Sox Game... it was AWESOME!! What a fun atmosphere!!!
Cheesecake Factory for yummy dinner...
Paul Revere Monument & the Old White Church in the background
Of course, we were NEVER lost in Boston....
Amanda Drove the "Duck Boat" on the tour of Boston.
Harvard Square... by Harvard University.The Altantic Ocean... on Cape Cod.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Update

WOW..... I am a horrible blogger! Here goes the long update... We are in the process of moving back to our condo in Logan. Gavin's parents arrive home from Kazakhstan on June 11th. So we have been busy re-painting, re-carpeting & shopping at IKEA to update the condo. It was nice to be able to buy my own furniture for my own place :) I will have to post the glamorous MTV cribs pictures later!

Gavin is almost done with school..... He is doing his internship at Munns Mfg. during the summer & then he can graduate!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I am super excited!

As most of you know, I have started my own design and printing business. I have been extremely busy the last few months with wedding invitations & it has been doing really well. So I am taking the big step & quitting my job at The Herald Journal. I gave my 2 weeks, so my last day will be June 5th! Kind of scary, but I am really excited. I will actually have more time to do some marketing & stuff for my business instead of just trying to keep up with the work flow.

So we are basically in the middle of remodeling, moving, yard work & cleaning right now. We are looking forward to summer and spending time with family. There are lots of fun events planned. Beginning with my trip to Boston with my Mom & Jamie on June 12th!!! :)