Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Day!

This morning we woke up to more snow! We got about 12 inches & its still coming down! Church was even canceled. (This made the decision between missing a little church for super bowl party slightly easier for Gavin!) So this morning Gavin got out the John Deere tractor & went to work! It took a few hours & we got out & got a few neighbors driveways cleared. Mom & Dad wanted to see some pics so here they are! Here is Gavin below at the Allisons with Ty & Spencer... The tractor might be stuck! ;)

The garage door is having issues, so unfortunatly we are still parking outside sometimes!

We have a lot of drifts and piles of snow. The piles on the sides of the driveways are now over 10 feet high! We also have a LOT of snow on the roof! There is a 3 foot drift across the ridge of the roof! We are about the only ones with that much on the roof! It must be the trees! This is the snowiest winter that we have seen in a long time! Gavin & I barely remember one this bad! Its been fun though!

Later in the day we went to Kara's families house & hung out! The boys wanted to show off some of their backyard snowboarding skills! The top of the hill is just snow off the deck! So here are some of the videos...

Notice the chunk of snow that his head took out off the jump! He was still all smiles after though!