Monday, October 22, 2007

Las Vegas

Last weekend we went to Las Vegas for the BYU vs. UNLV football game. We had a great time!

We rented a cheap car & then headed down south on Thursday. We were planning on staying in Mesquite for the night.. but we unfortunately got a flat tire in St. George. So we stayed there for the night. Friday we continued on our journey to Mesquite & went golfing at a beautiful course. That evening we met up with Gavin's old mission buddy Craig Gilbert & his wife, Angie. We headed to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada! We had a great time people watching & seeing the sights of Vegas. We scored front row tickets to the game. It was really fun. I even ran into my old roommate from college. Hi Marta! We then headed home LATE Saturday night! Good Times!

Monday, October 1, 2007


We got LeRoy & Anne their own blog! They are excited to share stories & stuff from their mission. Make sure to drop by their blog! I am helping them get it set up.

The address is


We are going to Vegas for the BYU/UNLV game in a few weeks with some friends! That will be exciting to get away before the busy holiday season hits me at work!!! We are also going to celebrate Christmas on December 1st this year!! Because Gavin's Parents are leaving. That will be fun!

So in December we are moving to Fielding.... We are renting our Condo in Logan. If there is anyone who is interested, please let me know!! We are still working & Gav is still going to school... so nothing too new here! Talk to ya later!