Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weddings, designing, scrapbooking, hunting, etc....

The last few weeks I have been working on Brady & Erika's wedding invitation. Its been fun! I learned a lot of new tricks! Here is a copy of what they will look like. I will post some of my new favorite design sites here shortly.

Last weekend I went to an overnight crop with my sis-in-laws in Salt Lake. It was tons of of fun! The best part is.... I almost have my wedding album done!! YEAH!! I am only 2+ years behind... but who's counting! I am excited to start into the "digital scrapbooking" era. No more cutting paper for me!!

While I was away last weekend, Gavin & his buddies went to the Mule Deer Foundation Benefit Dinner.. (yes, Michele.. it is a real thing!) He actually had a lot of luck winning prizes. He came home with a camp chair, mug, calendar & a nice gun. He was quite happy! I still have no idea where the money goes.. the mule deer maybe?

So thats the most recent update. We are just keeping busy with work, school, & other
hobbies. We need to get started on yard work & stuff if the weather will ever cooperate! We are so ready for spring & summer! Can't wait!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Cuts & New Wheels

We have had an eventful few weeks... So here is the update....

Gavin & I both cut off our locks of hair for the shorter do's. I actually got really tired of my hair. It was getting such dry ends, so I went crazy one night at midnight and attempted to cut it all off myself! (I looked like one of the psychos in the movies!) I did a "decent" job, but luckily I got a real hair appointment a few days later! It looks much better! I also gave Gavin a short trim. He likes the shorter style now.. even though I secretly miss the curly locks!

In other news..... Gavin made his first truck purchase! We bought a 2005 GMC Sierra Truck. We love it. Its been fun to have more reliable vehicle, especially since we are driving a lot more. We said good-bye to the Lumina & then got my car into a mechanic for a tune-up. Its nice to have our cars running smoothly now.

For Easter weekend we took the truck for a ride to SLC to visit Megan & Michele & families. It was fun to hang out for the weekend! Its been awhile since we saw the family. Thanks for letting us stay!!! This big house feels a little lonely to me without the whole Welling family around. Thats the way I always saw it. Last week we did get the opportunity to have house guests. Ryan & his family stopped in for a quick visit.

Thats about it for us right now..... Gavin has spring antler hunting fever & goes spotting quite often. So between work, school & hunting, he stays pretty busy. I have just been working hard & trying to keep up with our busy lives.

Happy Spring!