Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Update

WOW..... I am a horrible blogger! Here goes the long update... We are in the process of moving back to our condo in Logan. Gavin's parents arrive home from Kazakhstan on June 11th. So we have been busy re-painting, re-carpeting & shopping at IKEA to update the condo. It was nice to be able to buy my own furniture for my own place :) I will have to post the glamorous MTV cribs pictures later!

Gavin is almost done with school..... He is doing his internship at Munns Mfg. during the summer & then he can graduate!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I am super excited!

As most of you know, I have started my own design and printing business. I have been extremely busy the last few months with wedding invitations & it has been doing really well. So I am taking the big step & quitting my job at The Herald Journal. I gave my 2 weeks, so my last day will be June 5th! Kind of scary, but I am really excited. I will actually have more time to do some marketing & stuff for my business instead of just trying to keep up with the work flow.

So we are basically in the middle of remodeling, moving, yard work & cleaning right now. We are looking forward to summer and spending time with family. There are lots of fun events planned. Beginning with my trip to Boston with my Mom & Jamie on June 12th!!! :)