Friday, July 18, 2008

Mount Nebo Loop

Last week was our Welling Reunion in Mount Pleasant, UT. While we were there we HAD to go scope out DEER around Mt. Nebo. So here are some gorgeous views of the valley. Enjoy!

We had a great time at the reunion, sadly, I FORGOT to take pictures!! Ooops! It was fun though! Grandma Rhoda even joined us & kept us all on our toes! She was great to have there. She enjoyed the cardboard pictures of Anne & Roy so much that she wants to buy them to keep in her house! We will see about that. Rumor is they will make an appearance at the Nicholas Reunion next weekend! :)

Happy Belated Birthday Gavin!

Gavin turned the big 25 on the 1st of July. (I know.. I am way behind!) Happy Birthday Gavin!!!!! We had family & friends over for ice cream. He got a new helmet for our new scooter that was purchased recently to save gas money! He also wants a new set of irons for golfing... we have not gone shopping for those yet.

Roy & Anne even made it!!! ;)

This is what our scooter looks like... but its black instead of blue!