Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Precious Niece

Makell entered the world last Wednesday morning at 2:52 am.. Her proud parents are Jamie & Tyson. She was a little one, weighing in at 5 lb & 12oz & 19" long. She came home on Saturday after staying in the NICU for a few days because of her sugar levels. She is doing great now & has lots of aunts & uncles always visiting! This is the only picture I have of her. This was Wed afternoon when she was still in the NICU. I will get more pics later.

BYU Game

Last weekend got got tickets to the BYU/UTAH Rivalry game. We had a great weekend. We stayed at the Hilton (Thanks Kenny!) and ate at Spencer's Steakhouse (YUM!) and went to the game. We went with Tim & Laurie Thompson.
Great picture of the awesome sunset overlooking Salt Lake . . .

The HOT BYU Fan sitting beside me...

Our seats we on the 50 YARD Line!! It was an awesome view of the game.
Our Blue stood out in the sea of red. It was a blast!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Decide . . .

So I am working on a Christmas card for my parents company & I came across this picture. . .

Either Munns products stand the test of time OR the church is true! You decide . . .

Here is the link of the actual story & video of what happened last year in Mesa, AZ

Photo Tag!

This is a photo tag and this is what you do:
1. Open up your picture folder
2. Go to the 4th folder
3. Open the 4th picture
4. Post the picture on your blog and write about it.

This picture way back when Gavin & I were getting our wedding photos done & he decided to be the photographer. I have many pictures of him like this... and how I miss the curly hair sometimes. He loves himself! But I love him lots too!!! We had our 3rd anniversary a few weeks ago.... so Happy Late Anniversary Gavin!